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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us! Oh, be sure to join our Facebook Group, Ad Factory Teespring Mastermind. We've got some big time tee marketers in there, and all questions and comments are welcome.

So, How Much does Ad Factory Teespring Edition Cost? +

Nothing! Zip, zilch, zero, nada, a big fat goose egg. In other words - FREE!

We've partnered up with Teespring to bring you the awesomesauce of Ad Factory for free. So why are you sitting here reading this when you could be making ads?!

How do I Access Ad Factory Teespring Edition? +

It's easy! Just click the Access Ad Factory button on the home page. If you're accessing for the first time, you'll see a prompt asking you to allow Ad Factory to access your Teespring account.

This is necessary so that we can pull in your active campaigns. It helps if you're already logged in to Teespring, as the process will be much faster.

I'm Getting a "Timeout" Error When Accessing Ad Factory +

Sorry, that can happen. The Teespring API gets a lot of traffic, so sometimes the browser stalls out. No big deal, if you got that far, then you can click the Access Ad Factory button again, and you'll be logged in.

We're actively working with Teespring to make your experience as smooth as possible, so thanks for your patience!

When I Login Through Facebook, Yahoo or Google on Teespring, It Doesn't Send Me Back to Ad Factory +

We're working on that. To make your login quick and easy, it helps to be logged in to Teespring before accessing Ad Factory.

If you run into this problem, just head back tot he home page and click the Access Ad Factory button and you'll be in!

When I Click Load My Active Campaigns, it Doesn't Load My Fabrily Campaigns +

This is expected behavior. The Load Active Campaigns button accesses your active Teespring campaigns only.

Fabrily campaigns can be loaded by clicking on Campaigns, then Paste Campaign URL, then using that interface.

Does Ad Factory Create My Facebook Ads? +

Ad Factory does do is help you create the graphical or video portion of your ads for you quickly and without any graphics skills. These graphics or video can be used when launching your ad in the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor.

What it doesn't do is create the actual post on your Facebook fan page or launch the ad in Ads Manager or Power Editor.

How do I Do ___________ In Ad Factory? +

Ad Factory is crazy simple to use, but we understand that the interface can be a little weird for first timers. We've got our video monkeys busy working on new and improved video tutorials, tips and tricks for using and getting the most out of Ad Factory.

We'll post in the Facebook Group and on the Blog when we get these up and running!

The Interface Looks Weird and Messed Up! +

You may have an Ad Blocker extension running in your browser. Disable that, then clear your cache and cookies and reload. Things should go back to normal.

I Have an Idea or Feature Request for Ad Factory... +

Fantastic! We love feedback and requests for new features - it keeps us on our toes. If yuo have an idea for something that will help you build ads faster or better, then please let us know!

Will You Have More Graphics and Layouts? +

Yes! We're working on that right now. We're also going to sponsor layout contests where you can win prizes for the best looking layout.

What browsers work with Ad Factory Teespring Edition? +

Google Chrome and FireFox are the top choice for using Ad Factory Teespring Edition. Safar will work, but we have had reports of some odd things happening when using Safari.

Here are the links to the browsers:

icon-chrome   icon-firefox   icon-safari


We've built some Campaign Worksheets for you so you can manage and track your campaigns. The zip file includes both XLS and ODS formats. Enjoy!